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Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment with Austin Pro Siding & Windows. As Austin's premier provider of patio covers and sunrooms, we specialize in crafting spaces that let you enjoy nature's beauty while being shielded from its elements. Whether you're envisioning a cozy sunroom or a spacious covered patio, we're here to turn your outdoor living dreams into reality. Dive into a world where comfort meets nature, and let us redefine your home's outdoor potential.

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Crafted Elegance, Timeless Assurance

Bask under our patio covers, where every moment is safeguarded by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring your outdoor experiences are forever enveloped in quality and assurance. Our patio covers do more than shield; they stand as timeless sentinels, ensuring every outdoor moment is cradled in enduring elegance and steadfast reliability. With Austin Pro, your outdoor spaces are not just covered; they’re eternally protected.

Tailored to Your Vision

Your satisfaction is our mission. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our team is dedicated to understanding your vision and turning it into reality. With a focus on quality and aesthetics, we ensure that every patio cover we install becomes your favorite outdoor spot.

Always Here, Always Ready

Whether you have queries about sunrooms in Austin or need guidance on patio cover designs, our support team is here to help. With a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to service, we ensure that every question is addressed promptly, making your patio journey smooth and informed.

Precision in Every Detail

Patio covers and sunrooms are a blend of art and function. Our team combines traditional techniques with modern innovations, ensuring each project is a masterpiece. From design to installation, our commitment to craftsmanship shines through, offering you spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

Crafting Decades into Your Outdoor Oasis

Bask in the expertise of over 10 years with Austin Pro, where your patio covers are more than mere structures; they are crafted sanctuaries of outdoor excellence. Our journey, rich with crafting perfect outdoor spaces, ensures that your patio cover is not just built but meticulously crafted, blending a decade of expertise with innovative design, ensuring your outdoor moments are always under a canopy of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Built to Impress and Last

At Austin Pro, quality is paramount. From sourcing materials to the final installation, we ensure excellence. Our commitment to quality means every patio cover stands as a testament to our dedication, offering you a space that's both beautiful and durable.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Seasons Change, Comfort Doesn't

Our patio covers are designed to offer year-round enjoyment. Whether it's the scorching Austin summer or a chilly winter evening, our covers ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space in comfort. Shielded from the elements, you get a cozy spot that's perfect for every season.

Enhanced Outdoor Living

Nature's Beauty, Amplified

Enhance your outdoor living experience with our patio covers. They not only provide protection but also add an aesthetic appeal to your space. Whether it's a family gathering, a quiet evening with a book, or a BBQ party, our covers transform your patio into the perfect setting.

Low Maintenance

Effortless Elegance

Our patio covers are designed with low maintenance in mind. Crafted using durable materials and expert techniques, they stand the test of time with minimal upkeep. With Austin Pro, you get a patio cover that lets you enjoy more and worry less.


Efficient Elegance

Introducing the Moderno Patio Cover, where architectural finesse meets efficient sun and rain protection. With its modern lines, decorative posts, and architectural gutters, Moderno not only offers a cost-effective patio cover option but also ensures your patio exudes a contemporary, luxury appearance without compromising functionality.



Balanced Beauty

The Contempo Patio Cover is crafted for those who desire a harmonious blend of strength, durability, style, and affordability. Striking a balance between the architectural beauty of our Classico line and the simplistic elegance of the Moderno, Contempo provides a robust, stylish, and budget-friendly patio cover solution.



Classic Durability

Experience the Renaissance Classico Patio Cover, where the aesthetic appeal of a pergola meets the durability of aluminum. With full trusses under the roof panels, Classico offers the look and feel of an exposed-beam, wood-framed roof while ensuring maintenance-free benefits, all at about half the cost of a wood-framed roof.



Illuminating Protection

Discover the Fresco, a polycarbonate patio cover that masterfully balances light and heat. Born from the simplistic style of the Aria pergola, Fresco utilizes custom-designed systems to fasten top-tier, infrared rejecting panels, allowing light to illuminate your patio while providing year-round protection from the elements.



Adjustable Shade

The Aria Pergola, crafted from extruded aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and adorned with a durable powder coat finish, is engineered to provide adjustable, low-maintenance shade. With its adjustable shade lattice, the Aria allows you to control sunlight penetration from a bright 90% to a cool 40%, ensuring your patio is bathed in the perfect amount of light.



Sleek Shielding

Upgrade your patio with the Dolce Screen Room System, your shield against bugs and wild animals, ensuring uninterrupted outdoor relaxation. Dolce, an innovative take on screen wall construction, utilizes aircraft-grade extruded aluminum alloy and powder coating for strength and durability while hiding all screws, providing a clean, sleek appearance


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